Two-week window for online re-registration: EC

The Election Commission (EC) today announced that those re-registering to vote in the upcoming presidential election will have a two-week window to complete online re-registration.

The re-registration process will be open from 16th July to 5th August, EC President Fuwad Thawfeek told a press conference today. Although re-registration will be open for a total of three weeks, the online re-registration option will be available for two weeks, from July 16 to 29, he said. However, voters can apply for re-registration via form until August 5, he clarified.

Those who voted in the last local council elections in Male', Hulhumale', and Villimale will not have to re-register to vote in the same locations in the upcoming presidential election, said Fuwad. However, those living in Hulhumale' and Villimale will have to re-register if they wish to vote in Male' and vice versa.

The first round of the presidential election is scheduled for September 9. If an additional round of voting is required, the second round will be held on September 30.