RDC takes Dhiyares newspaper to court over corruption reports

The Road Development Corporation (RDC) has filed a lawsuit in the Civil Court against the local newspaper Dhiyares.

The lawsuit comes in response to Dhiyares' report, which alleged the misappropriation of more than MVR 13 million from RDC's BML account for personal use by the corporation's Managing Director, Moosa Ali Manik, and Chief Financial Officer, Yasir Hassan.

Speaking to AVAS on Monday, RDC's Managing Director Moosa refuted the Dhiyares' claims, stating that the newspaper was spreading baseless and unverified information, tarnishing the company's and his reputation.

“There is no truth in the allegations being spread by the newspaper without verifying the authenticity,” he said.

Highlighting the critical importance of RDC's credibility as a business entity, Moosa emphasized that such baseless reporting could severely undermine the company's operations and its standing within the community. He said the company's board has therefore decided to take the matter to the Civil Court and the Maldives Media Council (MMC). He further expressed the company's determination to take all necessary legal measures against those responsible for spreading such misleading claims.