Qasim waives outstanding student loans from Villa Foundation

Villa Foundation has waived the outstanding loans of all students who took educational loans from the organization.

Villa Foundation's Chairman and Jumhooree Party Leader Qasim Ibrahim, who is contesting in the upcoming presidential election, made the announcement tonight at a rally held tonight at the party's main headquarters and party center at M. Kunooz.

Speaking at the event held to announce the JP manifesto for the upcoming election, Qasim said his hard-earned resources have facilitated the education of numerous students in different fields, and this support remains ongoing. He said many students had undertaken their studies through a payment structure that involved repaying a certain percentage of the costs he covered, the total of which would be close to MVR one billion.

“I am hereby forgiving all outstanding student payments," he declared.

Qasim emphasized that he does require funds issued by the Villa Foundation and from his personal resources, irrespective of the outcome of the upcoming elections.

Outlining his vision for the future, Qasim said anyone who wants to pursue a master's degree could do so with state sponsorship if he is elected to office. He also pledged to forgive government-issued student loans if he attained power.

The presidential hopeful urged citizens to prioritize serving the country sincerely instead of looking at what the country does for him. He affirmed that his every endeavor was directed toward the betterment of the nation.