FENAKA is not aimed for high profits: Pres Solih

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said utility company FENAKA is not aimed for high profits.

Speaking at a campaign rally at HDh. Nolhivaram, President Solih said FENAKA is a government-owned public utility company that provides essential services. Clarifying his vision for FENAKA, the president said government-owned companies like FENAKA are created to fulfill his commitments to the people, and FENAKA's services extend beyond electricity to include water, sewerage, and ice plants, all of which require a workforce.

"We do not have any plans to turn FENAKA into a profit-driven entity. FENAKA is a government-owned company dedicated to delivering essential services," he said.

The President said he did not see an issue as long as the company was making some profit while providing employment to as many people as possible. He emphasized that FENAKA was not an entity established to generate revenue for the state and that the company's mission was to deliver essential services to the public.

The President said while the purpose of FENAKA is to provide essential services to the people, the company will continue to provide more job opportunities in the future.