Coalition talks in progress between PPM-PNC and JP

A delegation representing the PPM-PNC Progressive Coalition has met with Jumhooree Party leader, Qasim Ibrahim, regarding the potential formation of a coalition with the PPM-PNC presidential candidate for the second round of the presidential election.

In the initial round of the election held on Saturday, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, the PPM-PNC candidate, emerged as the leading contender with 46.19 percent of the votes, followed by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih with 39.05 percent of the votes. Although Qasim also participated in the election, he received fewer votes than anticipated, securing only 5,460 votes and placing fifth among the eight candidates. While Qasim is no longer in the running, the upcoming second round of the election on September 30 between Dr. Muizzu and President Solih emphasizes the importance of forming alliances with other political parties to secure victory.

The delegation, led by the PPM-PNC presidential candidate's running mate, Hussain Mohamed Latheef, arrived at Maamigili Airport on Tuesday, where they were personally received and welcomed by Qasim. Other members of the delegation include PPM's Parliamentary Group Leader Ahmed Saleem, PNC Vice President and Maavashu MP Mohamed Saeed, PPM Vice President and Naifaru MP Ahmed Shiyam, and Mahibadhoo MP Ahmed Tariq.

The talks come amid instructions to PPM/PNC by their leader, former President Abdulla Yameen, not to form an alliance with Jumhooree Party for the second round. However, today, the PPM said it had initiated talks with the JP with Yameen's approval. No further details were shared.

The JP is scheduled to convene a council meeting tomorrow to make decisions regarding the second round of the presidential election.