Dr.Muizzu and running mate Hussain cast their votes

Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, the presidential candidate for the PPM-PNC coalition, and his running mate, Hussain Mohamed Latheef, have cast their votes in the second round of the presidential election. Both candidates voted at Thaajuddin School in Male' City, with Muizzu voting at 8:30 am and Hussain at 8:00 am.

Speaking to reporters after voting, Dr.Muizzu said voting is a legal responsibility for every citizen and urged the people to exercise their right to vote to the fullest extent possible. He also encouraged citizens to vote as early as possible.

In the first round of the election, Dr. Muizzu emerged as the leading contender among eight candidates, receiving 101,635 votes, while President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, who came in second, received 86,161 votes.