VP Hussain affirms loyalty to Pres Dr.Muizzu amidst party split

Vice President of Maldives, Hussain Mohamed Latheef, has pledged unwavering support to President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu. The assurance comes in the wake of former President Abdullah Yameen's decision to exit the PPM and form a new political party, sparking controversy and division among coalition members.

In a social media post on Saturday, VP Hussain said President Dr.Muizzu's government was brought about by the collective effort and participation of many citizens, including himself.

“This is the result of the tireless efforts of you, the citizens,” the vice president said.

Hussain said the people voted for President Muizzu for his vision. He emphasized his unwavering commitment to prioritizing the interests of the Maldivian people.

"Therefore, I pledge my support to him in ensuring that this government becomes truly beneficial for the welfare of the people," said Hussain, who is also a close associate of President Yameen.

Numerous individuals, including cabinet ministers, high-ranking government officials, and supporters of Dr. Muizzu, are speaking up and actively defending the President during this period.