Parliament refers referendum motion to committee for consideration

The Parliament has referred a resolution calling for a referendum on changing the current government system of Maldives to the Committee of the Whole House.

The resolution was accepted with the votes of 35 members who participated in the vote.

Following its acceptance, Minority Leader Ali Azim of The Democrats proposed that the resolution be referred to the Committee of the Whole House for further consideration. The motion was supported by Hulhumale MP Ali Niyaz, and 34 members voted in favor of referring the resolution to the committee.

Following the decision to refer the resolution to the relevant committee, Speaker Mohamed Nasheed announced the session's adjournment, stating that committee work would resume the following morning.

"We will adjourn this session at this point. We will reconvene tomorrow at 9 am," Nasheed said.

The resolution, introduced by Hulhudhoo MP Ilyas Labeeb during a parliament session on September 13, calls to conduct a referendum on changing the existing government system from a presidential system to a parliamentary system. The parliamentary debate on this resolution commenced today.

At today's Parliament session, Speaker Nasheed expressed his determination to conclude the work on the resolution, stating that the session would continue until the resolution's finalization. This includes the process of debating the resolution, referring it to the committee of the whole parliament, sending it back to the parliament floor for voting, and subsequently notifying the Elections Commission to arrange for the referendum.

Originally proposing a referendum before November 30, MP Ilyas Labeeb adjusted the timeline during today's session, seeking the vote's completion by October 30.