Voting underway at all polling stations except those in UAE and UK

The Elections Commission (EC) has stated that voting is underway at all polling stations except those in the UAE and the UK.

A total of 586 ballot boxes have been set up for this election, including boxes placed in five locations abroad: UAE, UK, India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia. While voting has already commenced in India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia, voting is expected to begin in the UAE and the UK soon.

The second round of voting started at 8:00 am today. Voting will continue until 5:00 pm, and counting will begin 30 minutes after polls are closed.

The two candidates who received the most votes in the first round are contesting the second round of the presidential election. They are PPM-PNC presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed Muizzu and MDP presidential candidate President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. In the first round of the election, Muizzu received 101,635 votes, while President Solih received 86,161 votes.