Nasheed claims inclusion in President-Elect Dr.Muizzu's gov't

Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has claimed that he would be part of President-Elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's government. Nasheed, a member of The Democrats, made this statement during Wednesday's Parliament session, echoing a similar claim made by Maafannu West MP Hassan Latheef, the founder of The Democrats, earlier in the week. However, neither Nasheed nor Latheef provided details or explanations regarding their statements.

When asked regarding the Democrats' claim of their participation in Dr. Muizzu's incoming government, some senior leadership members of the PPM-PNC, which Dr. Muizzu represents, said there are no such agreements between the coalition and the Democrats. They expressed concern that the Democrats are claiming stakes without a clear agreement in place, given that the party did not endorse Dr. Muizzu for the presidential election's second round.

"I don't know how to participate in a government without an agreement. I don't understand. The Democrats didn't support any candidate even when requested to support our candidate in the second round of the presidential election. Therefore, without an agreement, I cannot think of any reason why The Democrats would be a part of the incoming administration of Dr. Muizzu," a PPM official said on the condition of anonymity.

At Wednesday's Parliament sitting, Nasheed criticized some cabinet members of the outgoing administration, alleging that they are sending misleading and false messages to foreign parties about the government Dr. Muizzu is forming. Nasheed claimed that foreign parties have shared some of these messages with him. He called on the ministers not to send such messages and expressed his commitment to being part of Dr. Muizzu's government.

"I am also saying that I am part of that government. So, I find it very difficult to explain that something so bad will happen in the Maldives," he said.