Parliament session to approve cabinet scheduled for 1:00 pm

The extraordinary parliament sitting slated to green-light President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's Cabinet has been delayed.

Originally scheduled for 11:00 am this morning, the sitting has now been rescheduled to 1:00 pm.

On Sunday, an extraordinary parliament session was held to approve the cabinet. However, the session was obstructed by pro-government members in protest of opposing MDP and The Democrats' decision not to approve certain ministers. Although the parliament was scheduled to vote on the approval of the ministers at 1:30 pm yesterday, the ruling PNC-PPM members took an unconventional approach by locking the chamber doors, barring entry for Democrats and MDP members. Chaos ensued within the Parliament, leading to physical altercations which resulted in one MP being hospitalized.

Despite the disruptions, the session was resumed to vote on the approval of the ministers. However, it could not be carried forward under the circumstances and the Speaker ended the session.