Former Supreme Court Secretary-General's dismissal ruled wrongful

The Employment Tribunal has ruled that former Secretary General (SG) of the Supreme Court, DR. Hussain Faiz, was wrongfully dismissed from his position.

Faiz, who was appointed as the Secretary General of the Supreme Court on January 7, 2019, was removed from the post in the first week of November last year after being suspended for several months.

The Department of Judicial Administration (DJA) had earlier cited installing CCTV cameras in the Supreme Court, providing camera feeds to his office, and surveillance of judges and staff as reasons for Faiz's dismissal. The DJA said over MVR 200,000 was spent on the installation of the cameras, in violation of financial policies. They also accused Faiz of acting against the instructions given to him by judges, setting a negative example for staff while being the administrative chief.

The Employment Tribunal Monday ruled that Faiz was dismissed in violation of the Employment Act and the employment agreement. As a result, the tribunal has ordered the Supreme Court to pay his salary and allowances for the duration of his dismissal within 30 days. However, the tribunal did not rule on his reinstatement, as Faiz had not applied for such a remedy.