Hundreds gather in Male' in support of Palestine

Hundreds of people gathered in Male' City on Friday night, calling for a ban on Israeli entry into the Maldives and to promote a boycott of Israeli-related businesses.

The demonstration, conducted as a march, was arranged by the Right Movement, a humanitarian organization. The march commenced in front of the Social Centre in Male' and concluded at the Artificial Beach.

Participants of the march, which included children and people of all ages, passionately chanted their solidarity with the Palestinian people in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Rally-goers also voiced their unwavering support for Palestine's struggle for freedom. The marchers waved the Palestinian flag, banners, and placards with various slogans in Dhivehi, English, and Arabic in support of Palestine and against Israel.

Since October 7, more than 4,000 Palestinians have lost their lives in Israel's aggressive assaults on Palestine.