Maldives gov't to donate 2 mln cans of tuna as humanitarian aid to Palestine

The Maldives government has decided to donate two million cans of tuna to the Palestinian people. This humanitarian gesture was announced by Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid on Tuesday night.

Shahid stated that the decision to donate two million cans of tuna was made by the President earlier that day. This aid symbolizes the Maldives' unwavering support and solidarity with the Palestinian people, he said.

Shahid further said that the Government and the people of Maldives will continue to support the Palestinian people in their efforts to establish a separate state and ensure their rights without any conditions.

The Maldives has a long-standing commitment to advocating for Palestinian rights. The country has proposed a special session at the United Nations to address Israel's recent inhumane actions in Gaza. Since the escalation of attacks on October 7, Israel has killed over 5,000 Palestinians in the last two weeks.