Names submitted to PCB for leadership roles at SOEs

Nominations have been forwarded to the Privatization and Corporatization Board (PCB) for approval as heads of various government-owned companies.

The nominations forwarded by President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu are:

1. Heena Waleed: Former TV presenter and PPM-PNC Spokesperson, as CEO at NSPA.
2. Zeena Zahir: Former Broadcasting Commission member and XeeTimes editor, as Managing Director at Public Service Media (PSM).
3. Ahmed Mubeen: Former Bilehdhoo MP, as Managing Director at Regional Airports Company.
4. Muaz Mohamed Rasheed: Former Madaveli MP, as Managing Director at FENAKA Corporation.
5. Mohamed 'Rukumaa' Abdul Kareem: Former Henveiru South MP, as Managing Director at Aasandha.
6. Mujthaba Jaleel: Former CEO of NSPA and Secretary General of Male' City Council, as WAMCO Managing Director.
7. Fazul Rasheed: Felidhoo MP, for Managing Director as Urbanco.

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu recently reconstituted the PCB and made new appointments to facilitate the selection of heads for state-owned companies.