MDP expresses interest in working with JP for parliamentary election

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has sent a letter to the Jumhooree Party expressing its interest in working with the party for next year's parliamentary elections.

The JP has confirmed to AVAS that it has received such a letter from the MDP. However, the JP Council has not yet decided on the matter.

The MDP sent a letter to the JP following the JP council's formation of a five-member team tasked with consulting with various political parties regarding the parliamentary elections. The team has already met with senior officials of the ruling Peoples' National Congress (PNC).

The current 19th Parliament has 54 MDP MPs and two JP MPs. The MDP and JP have not yet announced the constituencies they would contest in the election. The MDP traditionally vies for all seats in the parliament.

The Independent Institutions Committee has recommended that the parliamentary elections be held after the Holy month of Ramadan, which begins on March 10. However, the Elections Commission (EC) has raised concerns that if the election is postponed until then, problems may arise for constituencies where a second round of voting is required.

The 20th Parliament will elect MPs for 93 constituencies. The current parliament is composed of 87 members.