Ex-pres Solih claims over 1,500 political positions in gov't

The number of political positions in the current government is estimated to be more than 1,500, former Maldives President and current Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP Advisor Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said.

Speaking at a campaign rally for Ifham Hussain, an MDP candidate for the upcoming parliamentary elections, President Solih expressed concern over the increasing number of political appointments.

"All we know is that people are being appointed to political positions in droves. Some ministries have no space for their desks, and they are queued up in the corridors. The desks are being used on a rotational basis," he claimed.

President Solih said the number of political posts created by the government will be known only when the government announces the figures. However, it is estimated that more than 1,500 political posts have been created by the current government, he said.

"The existence of these positions is evident from the recurrent expenditure on salaries, amounting to MVR 100 to 150 million per month," he said.