Winning parliament majority key to realigning gov't's trajectory: ex-Pres Solih

Former President of the Maldives and Advisor of the main opposition, Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has emphasized the importance of MDP securing a parliamentary majority in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Speaking at a ceremony held to open the campaign center of MDP candidate Ahmed Saeed, who is contesting the GDh. Gadhdhoo seat, President Solih asserted that the nation has strayed from its intended path. He alleged that the current administration came to power through deceitful tactics like propagating lies, and said the same practice is being maintained by the government even now.

“I am sure that the more opportunities given to them, the more lies they will state,” he said.

The President said the people now believe that they made a mistake in the last presidential election by electing President Dr. Muizzu and that the people are now seeing the true picture. Therefore, the parliament is important to put the government back on the right track, he said.

“The Parliament is the most important place through which we can realign the government's trajectory,” he said.