Midea's grand opening in the Maldives marks milestone for Asters

Asters, the renowned retail giant, is set to elevate the shopping experience in the Maldives with the grand opening of the first Midea brand store in Majedhee Magu. The week-long celebration, commencing on the inaugural day, promises an extravaganza of promotions featuring an enticing hunt for hidden vouchers within the Midea showroom.

Asters has crafted an exciting 8-day event to commemorate the arrival of Midea in the Maldives. Each day, 15 discreetly placed vouchers will be scattered throughout the showroom, waiting to be discovered by eager customers. These vouchers, redeemable instantly in-store, unveil an array of surprises, including free gifts and cash vouchers. The distribution strategy involves unveiling five vouchers every morning upon the store's opening, with an additional ten vouchers added sporadically throughout the day.

Midea, a globally acclaimed brand, draws inspiration from the concept of "My Idea" and the endearing phrase "My Dear." The brand's resonance with customers worldwide is highlighted through its marketing campaign, "Yes, my dear," prominently featured on national TV, emphasizing the personal connection customers share with Midea products.

As the leading manufacturer in air treatment and major appliances globally, Midea specializes in air treatment, refrigeration, laundry, large cooking appliances, kitchen appliances of all sizes, water appliances, floor care, and lighting. With a staggering total revenue of approximately USD 50.4 billion, Midea proudly stands among the largest 500 companies globally, as listed in Fortune 500.

Operating in over 200 countries with more than 166,000 employees, Midea boasts 34 production centers and factories across 16 different countries. Notably, Midea's commitment to innovation is exemplified in China, where over 1600 robots contribute to an automation rate exceeding 49% across production lines.

The Residential AC division alone features 11 factories spread across China, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Egypt, Brazil, and Argentina, utilizing over 800 industrial robots. This division produces a remarkable 67 million sets of RACs annually, equivalent to more than 180,000 AC units per day.

As the number one exporter for VRF ACs, Midea stands as the market leader with the highest market share in China. Philip Gast, Director of Sales and Marketing at Asters expressed excitement about bringing together Midea's diverse and innovative product range under one roof. Gast stated, "This store is not just a retail space; it's a haven where customers can confidently purchase top-quality goods."

Residents are encouraged to visit the Midea brand store at Majeedhee Magu, situated right opposite "Bon'dibaiy Park." Embark on a journey of quality, innovation, and home comfort as Midea takes center stage in the heart of the Maldives.