Ex-pres Yameen's request for further concessions denied

Former President Abdullah Yameen, currently serving a sentence on a money laundering and bribery conviction, has requested to be given additional concessions in addition to the existing ones.

Yameen, who was serving 11 years in jail, was transferred to house arrest after his then-party, the PPM-PNC's presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed Muizzu won the presidential election. Later, on October 28, Corrections amended his home arrest terms to allow movement within Male' City "for medical purposes and other important matters". Upon request, Corrections later gave further concessions for medical treatment and exercise and was also allowed to attend some important meetings.

With the concessions given to Yameen, he visited his party office and attended some rallies, and even addressed at the events. However, the corrections have warned him not to do so as it is against his agreement with corrections.

In a recent development, Yameen has asked for further concession. However, further concessions cannot be granted as per the law, and the request has thus been rejected, an official from Corrections said.