Gov't to pursue policies to make high-quality medication available in the Maldives

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has decided to implement policies to ensure the availability of high-quality medicine in the Maldives.

The decision was made on Cabinet recommendations, following deliberations on a paper submitted by the Health Ministry to the Cabinet today.

During the Cabinet meeting, the government discussed and decided to extend the 'bulk procurement' approach for obtaining essential pharmaceuticals. At today's meeting, it was also decided that under the new system, the State Trading Organization (STO), the company tasked with providing essential medications without government interference, would ensure the continuous availability of these medicines from all healthcare hospitals, centres, and pharmacies established on all inhabited islands.

The President resolved to set up warehouses to store drugs meeting the system's mandated requirements, establish a central monitoring system using pioneering technology and update the research on the quantity and quality of the ingredients in medicines. The Cabinet additionally resolved to improve and expand human resources and increase the capacity to assure and maintain pharmaceutical quality.