Pres Dr. Muizzu vows to develop modern hospital in Dhidhdhoo

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has pledged to establish a modern hospital in HA. Dhidhdhoo once his pledge to construct an airport on the island is fulfilled.

Speaking to Dhidhdhoo residents on his visit to the island on Sunday, President Dr. Muizzu assured that the pledge he made during the presidential campaign to construct an airport in Dhidhdhoo would be realized. However, he did not comment on the current status of the project.

Responding to criticism from the opposition that the government is seeking to implement multiple airport projects simultaneously, the President said the Maldives needs additional airports due to its unique geographic layout.

“We are deciding to build airports on this island and other islands because it is absolutely necessary,” he said.

In addition to the airport project, President Muizzu announced plans for the establishment of a modern hospital in Dhidhdhoo, aimed at benefiting all islands within the Haa Alif atoll. Despite the island already having an ambulance service, he assured residents of an additional ambulance being deployed soon.

Acknowledging the housing challenges in Dhidhdhoo, President Dr. Muizzu pledged the implementation of a dredging project and assured that one of the upcoming housing projects would be implemented in Dhidhdhoo.

Noting that the state budget does not have the funds to implement the projects in the islands, the president expressed his intention to secure the funds from international sources to finance the development projects in the islands.

The construction of an airport in Dhidhdhoo was also a presidential pledge of former President Abdullah Yameen and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih that remain unfulfilled.