Maldives welcomes record-breaking tourist arrivals in February

A total of 217,394 tourists visited the Maldives in February, marking the highest influx of visitors in a single month.

According to the Tourism Ministry, the number of tourists that visited the Maldives last month increased by 22.2 percent compared to February last year. In February last year, the tourist arrival number was 177,915.

As per statistics, a total of 423,863 tourists visited the Maldives as of March 2 this year.

Top 10 countries contributing to Maldives tourism

China - 54,719 tourists
Russia - 41,583 tourists
Italy - 39,962 tourists
UK - 37,942 tourists
India - 27,224 tourists
Germany - 26,831 tourists
France - 17,231 tourists
United States - 13,543 tourists
Poland - 10,513 tourists
Switzerland - 9,398 tourists

The Maldives currently boasts 175 resorts, 834 guesthouses, 140 safaris, and 15 hotels in the Maldives. The Maldives now receives an average of more than 7,000 tourists a day.