Indian military personnel withdrawn from Addu City

Indian military personnel based at Gan Island of southernmost Addu City have been repatriated.

Indian military personnel have been stationed in different points across the Maldives, operating aircraft and helicopters provided by India. This includes bases in Gan, Addu City, Laamu Kadhdhoo, and Haa Dhaalu Hanimaadhoo. The withdrawal of foreign military personnel, particularly Indian troops, was a central point in Maldives President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's presidential campaign. Upon assuming power on November 17, Muizzu officially communicated the request to the Indian government.

High-level meetings were subsequently held between core groups of Maldives and India to discuss the withdrawal of the troops. In this regard, an agreement was reached between both countries to withdraw the first batch of Indian troops from the Maldives by March 10, and the last batch on May 10 this year.

A government official told AVAS on Monday evening that the Indian army has withdrawn all its military personnel from Addu City, as promised by President Dr. Muizzu. However, the official did not disclose the exact number of military personnel stationed in Addu or the exact date of their departure.

"A team of Indian civilians has now been dispatched to Addu City to operate the [India-gifted] helicopter," he said.