Supreme Court bars VB Hassan from contesting parliamentary elections

The Supreme Court has ruled that Hassan Shiyam (VB Hassan) cannot contest the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Hassan has been campaigning to content the Henveiru Central seat after the Elections Commission declared him eligible to contest the election.

In a recent development, a case was filed at the Supreme Court by an individual named Ilyas Ahmed, regarding a proven debt in Hassan's name. The case centered on Hassan's failure to adhere to a court judgment regarding the debt, as detailed in Article 73(c) of the Constitution, which stipulates that individuals with proven debts who do not follow court orders cannot contest parliamentary elections

Hassan's outstanding debt is a loan borrowed from the State Bank of India (SBI) for which he and 11 others are responsible. These include a $10 million loan for Crystal Lagoon Resorts on February 16, 2006, and a $64 million loan on June 18, 2008. The Civil Court had earlier ordered those responsible for the loans to pay back the loan amount and accrued interest and fines within 8 months from the date of judgment.

Today, The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that a court had determined that Hassan had a proven debt which he was not paying back as per the judgment, disqualifying him from the parliamentary race. The verdict was issued by a bench comprising Justice Husnu-al-Suoood, and Justice Aisha Shujoon, presided over by Justice Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim.