India boosts essential commodities export quota for Maldives

India has increased its import quota for essential commodities for the Maldives.

India has increased its essential commodities quota for food products by five percent, and for stone and aggregate by 25 percent. The Indian High Commission in the Maldives said this increment marks the largest ever under the 1981 Agreement on Trade Cooperation between the two nations. India also assured that the country would supply basic commodities at special prices.

India mainly exports onions, flour, sugar, flour, potatoes, eggs, and dhal to the Maldives as key commodities. Additionally, India consistently grants special permits for the import of aggregate and stone for the construction industry.

Details of quotas allocated by India

Rice: 124,000 metric tons
Flour: 109,000 metric tons
Sugar: 64,000 metric tons
Potato: 21,000 metric tons
Onions: 36,000 metric tons
Eggs: 428 million
Dhal: 224 metric tons
Aggregate: One million metric tons
Stone: One million metric tons

The two countries renewed their Agreement on Trade Cooperation and signed a three-year deal in 2021. The agreement expired in March last year.