Over 500 expatriates' biometric data collected in foreigner re-registration program

The Homeland Security Ministry has successfully collected biometric data from more than 500 expatriates since the launch of a recent foreigner reregistration program.

The Homeland Security Ministry launched the re-registration program on May 2 at K. Himmafushi.

Homeland Security Minister Ali Ihsan said in a post on social media that biometric data of 532 foreigners has been collected and uploaded to the system thus far. The minister said the program would soon be launched simultaneously across five different islands.

The process of collecting biometric data of all foreigners in the Maldives will be completed within a year, the minister had previously said. By the program's conclusion, the identities of all foreigners residing in the Maldives will be documented, and the program would effectively resolve the issue of illegal immigrants in the Maldives in three years, he had said.