Food safety inspections on imports and local produce to begin soon

Health Minister Dr. Abdulla Khaleel has announced that the Maldives will soon begin sampling and testing various imported food items for food safety inspections.

Speaking to reporters today, Minister Khaleel emphasized the need for such an inspection and said preparations are underway to conduct the testing.

“If samples need to be sent abroad for testing, arrangements will be made to do so,” he added,

Dr. Khaleel noted that a robust food safety inspection system would greatly facilitate the import of safe food. The work is an important part of President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's policies, he said.

The minister also noted that chemicals are used to grow some imported and locally grown food items. He emphasized the importance of testing samples of such products as a precautionary measure and to ensure safety.

A recently passed food safety bill will grant the Maldives Food and Drug Authority greater legal powers upon ratification.