Newly elected Kurendhoo MP joins ruling PNC

Shamin Habeeb, the elected MP for the Kurendhoo constituency in the 20th Parliament, has joined the ruling People's National Congress (PNC).

Shamin's membership form was received by PNC President and Maldives President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu during a ceremony at the Presidential Residence, Muleeaage.

Shamin ran as an independent candidate in the recent parliamentary election. In the election held on April 21, MPs were elected to 93 constituencies, with the ruling party securing a supermajority with 66 seats. While 11 independent candidates also won seats, most are government-aligned. Including Shamin, eight independent candidates have joined the PNC since the election, bringing the total number of PNC members in the new parliament to 74.

In addition, Jumhooree Party leader Qasim Ibrahim, Maldives National Party Leader Mohamed Nazim, Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) leader Ahmed Siyam, all three of whom won seats in the new Parliament, as well as Ahmed Abbas, who won the Velidhoo seat on MDA ticket, are also aligned with the government. The opposing MDP secured only 12 seats in the 20th Parliament.

The 20th Parliament MPs will be sworn in on May 28.