Maldives welcomes over 900,000 tourists

The number of tourists visiting the Maldives thus far this year has crossed 900,000.

According to the Tourism Ministry, a total of 903,775 tourists visited the Maldives as of Monday. This is an increase of 82,527 tourists, or 10 percent, compared to the 821,248 tourists that visited during the same period last year.

Top 10 countries for Maldives tourism:

China: 102,075 tourists
Russia: 91,618 tourists
UK: 85,840 tourists
Italy: 75,648 tourists
Germany: 73,059 tourists
India: 54,576 tourists
France: 32,407 tourists
United States: 31,893 tourists
Switzerland: 21,498 tourists
Poland: 17,475 tourists

According to the Tourism Ministry, an average of 5,831 tourists visit the country daily so far this year.

There are currently 174 resorts, 856 guesthouses, 149 safari vessels, and 15 hotels in the Maldives.