Mohamed Nazim

Nazim's Supreme Court appeal set for Wednesday

Supreme Court had scheduled the hearings for the appeal filed by former Defense Minister Mohamed Nazim for Wednesday.

Nazim was sentenced for 11 years on weapons possession charges after a pistol was discovered in his residence. High Court had supported the verdict issued by the Criminal Court.

Nazim had filed for appeal in Supreme Court a month back. The schedule published by the Supreme Court showed the appeal hearings were scheduled for Wednesday. Speaking at a press briefing, Nazim's lawyer, Husnu Suood said the individual who had originally planted the weapon in the former Minister's residence, G. Enif, had been discovered. He stressed that the ex- Minister had been framed.

Nazim had been shifted home as the VIP block of the Asseyri jail. Home Minister Umar Naseer said if the evidence presented in Supreme Court warranted additional investigation, Police will investigate the matter.