Island Aviation begins developing 150 bed property

  • Ruhthibi Rah developed as a luxury property
  • Resort will be opened in one and a half years
  • Numerous job opportunities

Island Aviation Services (IAS) has begun developing Ruhthibi Rah in Th. Atoll as a 150 bed property.

In an exclusive interview to Avas, IAS Managing Director Abdul Haris said the EIA on the island has now been completed.

"Under the policy, an island is given to develop a property. There are multiple benefits from this approach, resorts are near the airport island. Due to this, there are multiple benefits to the economy," Haris said.

Island Aviation is developing the island in collaboration with Singapore's MSN Realty Company.

MD Haris said once opened, the resort will leave a positive impact on the economy of the atoll.

"We'll be able to generate jobs, operate more flights. This will revitalize the region's economy," he said.

He said the resort, a five star property, will be a high quality resort. The project is expected to earn positive returns for the company.

Island Aviation and MSN Realty signed the development agreement two months back. This is the first time IAS is venturing into tourism sector.