President Maumoon

EC orders Maumoon to toe the Party line

Elections Commission (EC) has ordered PPM President Maumoon Abdul Qayyoom to toe the Party line, respect the Party laws and democratic values. EC made the statement in connection to a case filed by a PPM member.

EC Member Mohamed Shakeel said to Avas that the Commission today had sent a letter to the President to abide by the Party laws, strengthen Party governance and uphold democratic values.

"This is not an advice given on bias. When we receive a complaint, we review and urge the party to reform," Shakeel said.

Severe infighting within PPM echelons have erupted over the past week, with Maumoon announcing a reform agenda, forming an advisory council and taking over executive powers within the Party. The reform agenda was announced after he had claimed that corruption had taken root in the Party and the Party was no longer following their mandate.