Dhivehi Vibes hits Minicoy Islands

Dhivehi Vibes sticker pack released about two weeks ago hit a million downloads in the period. The sticker pack highlighted an important milestone for the country. The sticker pack has now hit the Minicoy Islands, a group of islands off the coast of India, whose citizens speak in Dhivehi predominantly.

"Dhivehi Vibes sticker is now used in Minicoy, in viber groups it is the most used one," Ooredoo Head of Sales Ahmed Niyaz said.

Dhivehi Language Academy had met Ooredoo team after Minicoy downloads increased. He said the Academy officials had noted this aspect in the meeting.

"They were very supportive, very positive. They said they will support the next sticker pack," Niyaz said.

As Dhivehi Vibes has hit a million downloads, Ooredoo is now planning to release a new sticker pack.