Dhiraagu ordered to pay hefty fine on undelivered phone

Civil Court has ordered Dhiraagu to pay up MVR 160,422.84 as fines and damages for having violated contractual obligations on delivering a pre-ordered phone.

The verdict against Dhiraagu was delivered for having failed to handover an i-Phone SE pre-ordered by a customer on April 6. As per the contract the customer had paid MVR 5,828.94. However, Civil Court verdict said that documentation and statements by the two parties had proved that Dhiraagu had failed to abide by their contract.

As such, Civil Court had ordered Dhiraagu to pay the pre-order payment of MVR 5,828.94, an additional MVR 4,593.90 in direct damages as cost incurred by customer to buy a replacement phone, MVR 100,000.00 as damages to the customers and MVR 50,000.00 for legal expenses incurred by the customer. The total sums up to MVR 160,422.84.

Civil Court had ordered Dhiraagu to pay the fee within a period of seven days.