MDP formally passes not to participate in e-voting

Opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) today passes not to participate in any elections run with the e-voting system. The decision was reached at the ongoing Party Congress.

The motion was proposed by MDP Deputy Chairperson Ali Niyaz and was passed with 31 votes. Thirty-two members attended the Congress.

The members who spoke in the debate session said that e-voting was not necessary for the country, adding that e-voting would not facilitate independent elections. The members note that the public had no trust in the Elections Commission, even if they were to conduct e-voting.

Elections Commission had previously announced that the January 2017 Local Council Elections will use the e-voting system. The Commission had said the e-voting system will be introduced in phases and not at once. The Commission will use e-voting system in three sectors of the country.

The system will be used only to count the ballots and the voting will still be carried out manually by the voter.