Will seek to include MDP in e-voting: EC

Elections Commission (EC) on Tuesday said they will seek to integrate MDP into e-voting elections, appealing all to participate in the elections.

Speaking to Avas last night, Elections Commission member Ahmed Akram said MDP had not formally notified EC that they will not participate in e-voting elections. However, the Commission, he said will seek to maximize the number of voters. Akram said the Commission will hold more information sessions on e-voting for MDP and will seek to increase public trust in the system.

"We want to make this Council Elections successful, with more voters participating. The e-voting system is a solid, comprehensive system. We've informed all parties on the system, but will keep doing this. We hope that MDP will reverse their decision," Akram said.

Elections Commission had previously announced that the January 2017 Local Council Elections will use the e-voting system. The Commission had said the e-voting system will be introduced in phases and not at once. The Commission will use e-voting system in three sectors of the country.

The system will be used only to count the ballots and the voting will still be carried out manually by the voter.