Allegations against Maldives "fiction": Saeed

Economic Minister Mohamed Saeed has stated that the claims made against the country with the target to damage tourism were based on not on facts but rather just allegations.

Speaking in the opening ceremony of FHAM this morning, Minister Saeed said that business was based on reality not fiction and that this applied to tourism sector as well.

"The [tourism] sector's progress, development acheived by the citizens from the sector is being halted by some Maldivians making up allegations against the country based on fiction," Saeed said.

Minister Saeed said the Government was determined to usher in development and progress to the country.

"The President brought this forward in a manifesto, to develop the economy, education, health sectors. To ensure that future generations get a Maldives that is independent," he said.

Minister Saeed said the development we see today is not fiction and that based on the successful 40 years of tourism in the country, this success is expected to continue to become the industry leader in leisure tourism.