Sounds of Maldives: over 20 tourism sector companies!

High Rise reveals that over 20 companies from tourism sector will be participating in the "Sounds of Maldives" to be held in Bangkok this year.

High Rise said between 20 - 25 companies can participate in the event, which has been endorsed by MMPRC.

The company said Sounds of Maldives will be held as a road show, in connection to the Visit Maldives Year. High said the event will be part of promotion for the country's tourism sector.

This year, Habeys bodu beru group, solo artists Rishwan (Ritte), DJ Ali Fazeel (DJ Ali) and Mariyam Unoosha will feature in the show.

Sounds of Maldives shows have been held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, Dubai and Bangalore.