If FAM is to constantly hold elections, there will be no progress: Ashfaq

National Team skipper Ali Ashfaq (Dhagandey) has said that if the Football Association of Maldives (FAM) was to conduct elections over and over again, the local football will never progress.

He made the statement after five members of the committee resigned yesterday. Due to this, FAM will now have to conduct elections to fill the vacant positions. The resigned members were elected to their positions on May 30th.

Vice President Ali Umar, Deputy Chair of Normalization Committee Ahmed Shakeeb, Volleyball player Aishath Nazima, TC Sports Club Manager Ahmed Easa and former Skipper of National Team Assad Abdul Ghanee formally tendered their resignations yesterday.

Following their resignation, executive committee quorum has been lost and the committee now has only four members. FAM laws dictate that if 50 percent of the committee resigned, then elections must be held again.

The five resigned within 24 hours after FAM General Secretary Bassaam was dismissed from his position.