10th dhiraagu road race to be held on 11th of next month

The largest running race in the Maldives, the Dhiraagu road race, has been announced to be held on the 11th of next month. Applications for this race, which be held in Hulhumale' this time, will be given out till the 1st of next month. The race is being held in Hulhumale' this year due to the police not giving permission to hold it in Male' citing the conditions of the streets of Male'.

Manager Marketing and Communication and P.R of Dhiraagu, Mohamed Mirshaad Hassan has said regarding the race, which is celebrating its 10th consecutive year, that it would be very special this year. He also said that this historic race being held outside of Male' in Hulhumale' is just bringing a fresh new change to the race and adding another layer of completion to it.

"The race is being held with a great help from HDC and the race being held in Hulhumale' just makes it more complete.We have opened up this race to as many people as possible." Mirshaad said, regarding the race which is being held to raise awareness for child abuse. The race will hold up to around 3000 participants.

Dhiraagu road race has two main categories, but each category will have sections for schoolchildren, an open section, and a section for people who are 45 years or older. Only children of a certain age can participate in the schoolkids section.

Race Categories

While individual runners can participate in these categories, runners also have a chance to participate under the name of organizations chosen by Dhiraagu. And the organization which has the most participants will be awarded with MVR 40,000. The first ever Dhiraagu road race was held in 2006, in order to promote the Dhiraagu broadband service. But later the race was made a component of Dhiraagu CSR, and the quality of the race was improved. This race welcomes racers and ordinary citizens of all ages, and is the largest race to be held in the Maldives.