Maldives pres hopes US will no longer be 'world police'

Maldives president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom Wednesday expressed hope that the new US president elect Donald Trump would stay true to his foreign policy vow and stop policing the world.

In an interview over his foreign policy in March, the real-estate mogul had blamed much of the country's budget deficit on America's role as world policemen.

"One of the reasons we're a debtor nation: We spend so much on the military, but the military isn't for us," he had said.

"The military is to be policeman for other countries."

President Yameen speaking during a ceremony to welcome over 600 new members to the ruling party congratulated his soon to be counterpart Trump on his election win earlier Wednesday and expressed hope that the US would stop acting like world policemen.

"Every country has the right to its own independence and sovereignty," president stressed.

President Yameen said smaller countries must also be afforded the right to decide their own affairs just like the powerful nations.

"No country needs to be policed by another. We've so far witnessed that a powerful force is behind everything that takes place in any corner of the world," he added.

"So if Trump keeps true to his word, then the world would truly be a more harmonious place."

President Yameen's government has often criticized international partners of undue influence in its internal affairs.

Maldives left the Commonwealth last month citing unfair and unjust treatment weeks after the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) – the enforcement mechanism of the Commonwealth – threatened to suspend Maldives from the council at its next meeting in March if effective steps were not taken to resolve the ongoing political crisis in the archipelago .