Investment Forum

MIF displays investor confidence in Maldives, says minister

  • Other forums must be held
  • Forums market tourism
  • Forums very successful

Economic Minister Mohamed Saeed says the New Delhi Investment Forum has shown the trust that has been established for the Maldives.

The Minister said during a news conference said the forums have shown that investors see Maldives in a positive light, and that more such forums must be held.

"We have seen the trust for President Yameen's economic policies. We are seeing the results of our efforts," Saeed said.

The Minister said the other thing revealed by the forum is the importance of holding these forums in big countries such as India.

"These forums reveal the Maldives to the outside world," Saeed said. He further said that Maldives taking the initiative in organizing such forums advertises Maldivian tourism.

"Around 50 completely new resorts are being opened. We have to advertise the Maldives to Indians. That is the biggest purpose of such forums," Saeed said.

Around 400 companies have taken part in the third Maldives Investment Forum. Maldivian businesses have met with Indian businesses after the meeting.