Euro brings Italy's Scavolini to Maldives capital

Euro have opened a shop in Male' selling kitchen furniture from Italy's renowned 'Scavolini'.

Euro, which also introduced the famous Lavazza coffee to the Maldives, opened the shop named 'Hotec' to sell these branded furniture.

Former Managing Director of MACL Ibrahim Saleem and Scavolini's Exports Sales Director Roberto Gramaccioni cut the ribbons at the opening ceremony for the shop on Tuesday.

Gramaccioni said after the opening of the shop that all of Scavolini's products were designed to be of the utmost quality to satisfy the needs of the customers.

"Everything here will designed as the customer desires, to the size requested by the customers, this is one of its special features," Gramaccioni said.

The shop also sell toilet products alongside dining room and kitchen furniture. All the furniture here are designed using the latest technology and are customer friendly.

Gramaccioni noted that this while this brand has just been introduced to the Maldives, it has already gained popularity in Europe.

"Germany, Italy and the United States see the sale of these products. It is our great pleasure to introduce this brand in the Maldives.

The shop will create the kitchen sets desired by it's clientele after they come in and order their preferred colors out of the currently available 25. The furniture are also designed to combat the difficulties in the opening and closing of doors, with special joints, and are designed to accommodate ventilating hoods inside them.

Euro Marketing is a company which specialises in bringing various brands to the Maldivian market. Two of Euro's flagships include Redbull and Lavazza Coffee. The cafe' run by the company has attracted the attention of coffee and ice cream lovers all around the Maldives.