State hospital re-opens ICU after upgrade

The state run Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) has re-opened its ICU after a major upgrade which includes expansion to cater to 15 patients.

IGMH Public Relations and Media Unit Director Ahmed Mausoom said Tuesday that the ICU had been fitted with additional beds and state of the art equipment, and that it had opened for service last Saturday. The IGMH ICU was previously operating with six beds.

"The ICU had six beds before the upgrade. Difficulties arose back then due to lack of space. However, we now have 15 beds and state of the art facilities," Mausoom said.

He said that all beds are kept in separate cubicles and that a central air conditioning system has been placed with the latest equipment to keep the area as sterile as possible.

He further said that the beds in the current ICU were designed to allow their patients more freedom of mobility.

IGMH has undergone a major revamp last year which included a new cardiac centre, tre related to urology and maternal diseases. Other upgrades include a total laboratory automation system, an operation theater complex with four operation theaters as well as a non invasive ventilation system.