Inseparable in life and in death!

It seems like a fairy-tale or a chapter of a romance novel. Unfortunately in real life, such fortunes for inseparable couples are often a rarity.

But the sudden news of a devoted couple passing away together on Sunday shocked the entire island nation.

Details surrounding their death remains a mystery as police have continued to be tight-lipped since the couple's lifeless bodies were discovered just past noon on Sunday.

The distraught family remains dumbstruck and in utter shock. The few who managed to string a few sentences together had only one thing to say about the couple.

"They were good people."

Gasim Shahid 50, and his wife Razeena Ibrahim 40, were found dead in their bedroom of the fifth floor apartment in Light Signal house in Maafannu ward in capital Male.

The couple had worked hard to ensure a good life for them and their three children. Family and close friends hailed the couple as "religious and well-respected."

The couple had reportedly even paid the lion share of the Hajj pilgrimage package for next year.

A local journalist who is a family friend of Gasim had said the couple were known to be healthy and were leading a happy life with their three children. Gasim was the speedboat driver of business tycoon MU Manik and had spent most of his life in Kurumba island resort.

The small family was sharing the fifth floor apartment of Light Signal house in Maafannu ward with a relative of Razeena. As most parents on Saturday night, both Gasim and Razeena were trying to be ready for school the next day. But bemusement quickly turned to concern after the couple failed to emerge from their bedroom past mid morning.

A family member said the couple were holding onto each other, much like a final embrace when their children unlocked the bedroom door using a spare key.

The couple were laid to rest in the same grave shortly after noon prayers on Monday. A rare but fitting tribute to the couple who even death cannot part.