Green zone murder suspect walks into police HQ 'like a king'

One of the prime suspects of the green zone murder on Friday that claimed the life of one Ibrahim Agil, 18, G.Dh. Fares-maathoda walked into Maldives Police headquarters 'like a conquering king.'

The viral video of the suspect Hamdhoon Hamzath, 18, L. Fonadhoo, shows him flanked by his 'brothers' coolly walking into the police headquarters with a dry smile on his face.

"Will miss you my bro, you will be famous bro," the crowd surrounding Hamzath as he entered the HQ kept chanting.

The absence of fear, remorse or any level of guilt on the suspects face could mean two specific things; one he is either innocent or two, he is certain of walking scot-free because the system will favor him.

If the case is the latter, it could only mean the country's authorities and courts of law are to be held accountable.

These youths have perceived committing crime is a step-forward to fame; although dangerous the thought, it is also clear that several prime suspects of previous gruesome deaths have walked out with impunity.

While Agil adds to the list of mounting gruesome killings in the Maldives capital over the recent few years, families of murder victims are still mourning the loss of their loved ones without justice prevailing.

Last year Ahmed Nadheem, 23, was stabbed on head while he was at a local restaurant. His attackers walked up to him and stabbed without any hesitation or fear while in front of several eyewitnesses.

Suspects arrested in Nadheem's murder walked out almost as immediately as their apprehension.

Another gruesome death last year took the life of 25 year old boat captain Anas, who was stabbed multiple times. So far no significant arrests have been made while his killers roam the streets without the fear of any impending punishment.

Though Maldives Police claims of special operations following violent stabbings, it is evident that the killings have not subsided.

The public lives in fear, as it has become rather a 'tradition' for violent deaths almost every year - which intensifies during set periods of every year.

Public has been constantly raising concern why such killings have not been stopped by authorities while some accuse the police force were 'scared' of these gangsters due to their political connections.