48 CCTV cameras installed across Hulhumale' : HDC

Hulhumale' Development Corporation (HDC) has revealed that 48 CCTV surveillance cameras are installed across reclaimed suburbs Hulhumale'.

HDC revealed the information in a statement released by the corporation expressing concern on the murder of a taxi driver on Wednesday night in Hulhumale'.

HDC said the corporation is working to increase the safety and security of Hulhumale, and revealed that more street lights as well as CCTV cameras will be installed in the city. A project to light up the streets of Hulhumale' is already underway, said HDC.

"In addition to this, this corporation is working in liaison with Maldives Police Service to ensure Hulhumale' is safe and secure. We have installed 48 CCTV cameras across Hulhumale' under the efforts. Out of these, 25 cameras were installed in prime locations as advised by Maldives Police Service," said HDC.

HDC appealed to the residents of Hulhumale' to ensure that the city remains a peaceful environment.

A 59 year old taxi driver was stabbed in the neck on Wednesday night. He died while being treated for his injuries at Hulhumale' Hospital at 9:51pm later that night. It is believed that he was attacked by a local gang. The reason behind the attack remains unknown.