Maldives capital switches burials to reclaimed suburb

Government Monday has decided to go through with its plans to switch burials from the congested capital Maldives to reclaimed suburb Hulhumale from Wednesday.

State Islamic minister told reporters that all arrangements had been made regarding the burials as planned previously, and every person who passes away in the Male' area after 6:00 AM Wednesday would be buried in the Hulhumale Cemetery.

All expenses for the transportation of the deceased to Hulhumale' will covered by the government, and the body will transported in a vessel specially designated for the task.

The vessel is capable of transporting two bodies at the same time, along with three family members. The funeral of the deceased will take place in the Hulhumale Cemetery.

The cemetery is capable of carrying out the funeral for four people at the same time, according to the Islamic Ministry. There are is special room designated for women to carry out the funeral prayer, as well as a waiting room for family members of the deceased.

All expenses for the transportation of the deceased to Hulhumale will be covered under the universal health care scheme 'Aasandha', and the opportunity is open for those willing to arrange transportation themselves.

The deceased will be transported to Hulhumale via the airport island Hulhule by state transport company Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC).

State run Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) would transport the deceased up to the ferry for MVR 60, with MVR 608 being charged for the transportation of the deceased to the Hulhumale Cemetery via the ferry.