Mohamed Ibthihal

Doctor shares toddler's horrific injuries in court

The doctor from Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) shared details of the horrific injuries to to the death of the three year old boy who was allegedly murdered by his mother.

At the hearing Sunday in the case against Ibthihaal's mother, Aafiya Mohamed Manik regarding the murder of her son, the prosecution witness Dr. Ahmed Ziyan, the doctor who examined the child's body testified against the mother in court.

The doctor revealed that there was severe swelling on the outside of the ear, with strangle marks on his neck. His body had multiples other scars as well.

His head was injured as well, along with injuries along his stomach and chest, which had led to multiple rib fractures.

The IGMH further informed of the fresh fingernail marks on Ibthihaal's neck, and revealed that Ibthihaal had suffocated due to being unable to breath. The doctor stated that the marks on his throat could only have resulted from severe strangulation, and revealed that the blood on the inside of his throat could have resulted from the injuries to his stomach.

He concluded that the age of the scars across Ibthihaal's body could not be identified.

When asked by the court if she wanted to make any enquiry from the witness, Aafiya said that she had no questions.

The court had also asked regarding the whereabouts of Aafiya's mother, a question they have presented in previous hearings. Aafiya answered, stating that her mother resides in capital Male in an address unknown to her, and informed that she had three siblings. She gave the court the name of her three siblings, and said that she was unaware of their whereabouts as well.

The hearing was adjourned by the judge after stating that another hearing will be scheduled very soon.

Aafiyaa has previously confessed to torturing her son. In her statement to the investigation, she had stated that she found Ibthihaal unconscious when returning home a while after she had beaten her son. After consulting with the neighbours she had decided to take Ibthihaal to the hospital where she had later lost consciousness.

Aafiya had described in detail the events of the day of her son's death. Aafiyaa had first attacked Ibthihaal that day while he had been sleeping on the floor with a pillow under his head, by strangling him and stepping on his ankles. She detailed that she had strangled her son so severely that blood came out of his mouth.

She also confessed to kicking him repeatedly in the chest after he had fallen back to the floor, also confessing to hitting him under the chin with her right arm. She also described hearing the sound of Ibthihaal grasping for life as she had left her house.